Tuesday, November 09, 2021

The Cat & Mouse Game with The LogiTech G602 Gaming Mouse & why you'll never be able to pair it

Recently, I picked up a Logitech G6 (G602) gaming mouse.It didn't have a USB dongle or adapter with it. I thought I'd take a risk for $2, take it home and attach it to my ANYPOINT receiver with the Logitech Connection Utility Software and have an awesome mouse. 

I also assumed since it had a switch on the top that turned a light on from green to blue that it worked off a receiver and bluetooth. So, if the receiver didn't work for some reason, I'd just pair it via bluetooth. Right?

The interesting thing is that the Logitech Connection Utility will give an error when you power cycle to pair the mouse.

The Logitech Connection Utility (or the ANYpoint pairing utility) works simply. Just open the application and power cycle the mouse with the switch on the Logitech device.

Well, after 4 hours of sorting through forums and emailing Logitech support, I came up with the problem that doesn't seem answered straightforwardly anywhere on the internet. I'm not sure why the Logitech website doesn't just state this outright.



I don't care what you read elsewhere or what some hack website says. This mouse cannot be paired with any other dongle except the original. It has a proprietary 500mhz single channel dongle. This is done to increase response time and to prevent interference. To repeat, this is not a software issue. It's not a bad/broken mouse issue either. (Although these mice did have a pretty high failure rate apparently.)

The funny thing is, the most popular - #1 search term - for this mouse is a YouTube video from a user named "Three Beer Minimum" that states in a roundabout way that all you have to do is use an older version of the Logitech Connection Utility with an ANYpoint receiver and it's that simple. I honestly think this may be a "hit whore post" or a joke. I can't tell ... maybe the channel name is a clue.

The official response from Logitech is ... 

"... this is NOT a bluetooth mouse, and it can only connect to the original receiver that came with the mouse (or a replacement 500mhz g602 SPECIFIC USB receiver. This mouse will not pair with an Anypoint receiver"

Hopefully you stumbled on this page before you spent your time or money, or both on figuring out this issue.