Friday, February 05, 2021

Why I switched to Verizon and you should too

1) Since the AT&T acquisition of DirecTV - then subsequently Warner Entertainment, AT&T has dropped in both quality of customer service and network availability. It is near impossible to get an issue worked out within an hour.

2) AT&T gives HBOMAX/Warner content as a monthly bonus to subscribers. AT&T owns CNN and is guiding its content. Similarly with HBOMAX. CNN is an outright propaganda network. It’s undeniable, even if you have left leaning politics, you know they regularly peddle misinformation for ratings. HBOMAX runs shows like (Emmy winning) Euphoria - a show that literally glamorizes teen drugs, teen rape, and family dysfunction. It’s a horrible show. Horrible. I repeat thrice; horrible. I’m sad that Warner owns Bugs Bunny and DC super heroes. Since AT&T acquired Warner - their content has gotten more aggressive and spiritually abusive.

3) The Verizon app and Verizon customer service. The Verizon app is easy to navigate & understand. AT&T’s app is a mixture of online & offline and accesses servers in weird ways. It’s hard to find what you need and is outdated. Verizon customer service is USA based. They are quick to resolve issues. They’re thorough and they follow up. AT&T has a system where a customer service rep will tell you one thing then an AI system will go in within 48 hours and “re-resolve” your issue to what corporate guidelines are.

4) I originally got BellSouth Mobility > Cingular >> AT&T because it started out as a GSM network. This technology was far superior to Verizon & Sprint CDMA technology. With the advent of LTE, this difference no longer matters. Since November 2020, Verizon is now on a superior 5G network than AT&T.Verizon is the leader in coverage and speed despite any claim in a commercial you see otherwise. All unbiased ratings of cell service agree.

5) Included Apple Music & DisneyPlus. I never thought I would enjoy these as much as I do. I do like owning my music more than subscription, but now I have access to 10s of 1000s more songs at any time without spending any extra. The best thing is that artists get paid for every listen. As for DisneyPlus- it’s been well worth it just to see The Mandelorian. DisneyPlus is way better than Netflix in my opinion and certainly more wholesome than HBOMAX.

6) I’m a former Apple employee who appreciates the quality of Apple products: Apple partnered with AT&T for the original iPhone. They have now officially partnered with Verizon as of November 2020 for phones and cell networks going forward.

I’m familiar with other cell providers. TMobile is good. I believe they’ll become even better with the acquisition of Sprint. (Even though Sprint/Boost has horrible customer service- I see that changing.) TMobile has great cellular internet values. 

Everyone else is pretty much a rebrand of the top 3 providers.  (The proper term is MVNO = Mobile Virtual Network Operator) Rebrands are cheaper because they expect you to be on your own, using the basics, never complaining. Most people I talk to are happiest with the Verizon MVNOs like PagePlus.

If you’re using all of your benefits, I believe Verizon is the champion as far as price too. All networks are roughly the same $75+tax for unlimited. If you add the value of DisneyPlus, Apple Music, and a $3-$5 gift card to your favorite places every month. I think consistently Verizon gives the best value.

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