Friday, September 27, 2019

How have I missed out on this? or How do I remove a DLL file from startup?

So, I've been a\having a problem with my laptop for a few months where it comes up on startup with a message about there being an error starting an ink level check in an older HP 8600 Officejet printer that I have.

I finally had a tiny bit of free time on my hands and found a program from Microsoft to solve this specific issue.

Called AUTORUNS … it analyzes all the processes of your Windows Operating system and tells you which ones have conflicts and can therefore be removed. Not only saving hassle of seeing error messages but also saving space.

This program also eliminates the potential risks of messing around with REGEDIT.- although usually I know what I'm doing.And, no matter how deep you dig in Windows directories, you're bound to miss some piece of a file ~ somewhere.

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