Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The 5 Risks Apple Should Take Right Now ...

I don’t usually post articles without a lot of substance, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how Apple doesn’t seem to take as many risks anymore.

Here are five areas I think Apple could dominate an entire industry in just two generations of the product (or service):

1) A car. Not a sedan. Not a truck. Not an SUV. Something like the Aptera.

(I’ve said this before on this site, but it bears repeating.) I think solar technology is far enough along to be able to generate at least a free commute out of a car.,I think Tesla has already missed a golden opportunity to market a solar garage for their cars, but I think Apple could do this. Think about how if Apple got into this space - the market would explode - just like every other market segment they break into.
2) A social media network. I used to own a web domain PPPLE.COM.

 I had the idea of a Facebook / Twitter/ YouTube hybrid without the fringe and insanity of Reddit. If it were combined with iMessage and Animoji - it’d be a killer app. 

3) An AI based animation app.

You type out a story and an AI animates the scene.

This could be a killer app for the aforementioned social media network. 

4) A thin circular 4”-5” diameter display that connected to an OBD adapter ..

 that was a replacement dashboard / gauge cluster for your car. The car industry is currently facing the same problems with car readout / gauge displays as they did with radios before Apple had CarPlay.
5) Scrapping the Mac Pro and making a daisy chain-able / stacking Mac Mini tower. Imagine having a dedicated video card component that could be changed out, multiple hard drive bays or just 4-6 high powered Mac Minis all working in parallel. Why hasn’t Apple done this? It be an enterprise dream come true. It’d be supported by a huge aftermarket and honestly I think it would revive the dying desktop computer market.

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