Friday, April 20, 2018

An odditty about the gas tank in a Toyota/Scion iQ

An oddity about the iQ ...

Not only does it have one of the few flat gas tanks in the auto industry, but it has a very odd capacity of 8.5 gallons / 32.2 liters.

This makes it very difficult to estimate how much gas is left in the tank.

Each of the 6 “marks” for capacity represents 1.41 gallons

One remedy for this is an OBDII device that indicates “Miles left to travel” fuel efficiency.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

LED Lighting Replacement For A SCION iQ

These are the LED replacement light bulbs you’ll need for a Scion iQ - all model years.

Research has shown me that replacing the incandescent bulbs with LEDs could extend the smaller battery in the iQ by 8-10 months.

Parking 194/T10

Brake 7443

Tail 7443

Reverse/backup 921

Front turn 7440 x2

Rear turn 7440 x2

Plate 194/T10

Low beam H11

Monday, April 02, 2018

Scion iQ oil change tips ...

I bought 40 spare oil filters from Rock Auto on clearance for $1.15 each.

At retail, you can buy them:

Oil filters for SCION IQ:

FRAM CH10358 

The Toyota/SCION OEM Filter is:

Toyota Part #: 04152YZZA7

These filters will also fit a 2015 and under Toyota Corolla.

Many forums say to use synthetic OW-20 oil, but 5W-20 is recommended.

It is a very high likelihood that your oil change mechanic won’t have these filters in immediate stock.

I can do it myself or take it into a shop and I get a $4 discount (sometimes more) even if shop is running an oil special. 

Remember that iQ filters also do not require a mandatory recycling fee. Just ask for your old cartridge back and throw it away. Also remember to remind your mechanic that they take 3.5 quarts of oil, so you are on the low end of cost to your oil change mechanic for the oil.

Items needed:
Four quarts of 0w-20w synthetic oil (that weight is always synthetic)
One oil filter (I use the Toyota brand)
14mm wrench
1/4" drive rachet
64mm oil filter removal tool
Drain pan
Rags or towels

The iQ manual says to use 5W-20 conventional, but Toyota dealerships put OW-20 full synthetic in them.

Toyota’s “shop/dealer” oil is a custom Mobil brand blend.

Technically, unless the car is marked with a specific sticker in the door stating that you should use synthetic, you’re supposed to use conventional, but the dealerships can squeeze another $50-60 out of you if they use synthetic.

Your iQ asks for an oil change every 5000 miles by a maintenance required light, and is never ever go past that and I’d make sure the iQ has a consistent “full” on the engine pull.

Here's a good video for changing it yourself: