Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The 7 Types Of Friends You Need ...

The 7 Types Of Friends You Need ...

It's healthy to have a handful of best friends with different perspectives.

Here are the 7 types of friends you need.

1) Friends who make the effort.

I have one friend who, although he is swamped with his career, never fails to reach out via text, email or phone every few days, no matter what else is going on. Even if it’s simply something succinct — like “just wanted to touch base and say hi” — I truly appreciate these signals that I’m being thought about and that our friendship is important. 

2) Friends that are forgiving.

I also appreciate a friend who is forgiving. I’m not saying that someone should forgive offenses quickly; or superficially. It takes time to forgive. But if too much time is taken, bad feelings fester, and the friendship may never get back on track. No one is perfect and a true friend will understand that.

2) Friends who are genuinely happy for me when something good happens.

I’m fortunate enough to have at least a few friends who are sincerely and openly happy for me when something nice occurs. (You’re probably wondering ... shouldn’t every kind of friend be happy for others? You’d think so, but that’s not always the case.) Friends who are genuinely happy don't exhibit jealously. They are truly thrilled about my accomplishments. They watch and revel in my glory - without any inkling of bitterness - and I do the same for them. Friendship is a two-way street.

3) Friends who are upbeat.

You know the opposite of this type. Some among us ruminate over every little problem in their life again and again (I occasionally rut). The difference is making at least one move to change a situation. Debbie Downers are contagious. They bring me down. Misery loves company and downbeat friends generally are more interested in your bad news than your good news. People who are positive and motivated and optimistic (but not not superficial) and who lift up those around them are worth hanging on to. I have one friend who never fails to compliment me on something — even if it’s just “wow, are you still running? You look great!”

4) Friends who are up for anything.

I have friend who loves adventure and who has a daughter that is the very definition of genius. With genius and adventure comes curiosity. Since I run a town news source, I occasionally get bizarre photos and stories submitted for consideration. One day, I had a picture submitted to me through Facebook message of flaming meteorite that had crashed into a nearby field - a picture by happenstance while photographing the nearby mountain range at sunset. I texted this friend and the next day we were out looking for a crashed UFO or other curiosity in that field. It was fun. Nothing turned up but my dog loved it. I loved it. My friend and her daughter loved it.

5) Friends who are authentic.

This is the steadfast friend who is anything but pretentious — the one who’s not afraid to see you without any constraint. They're not ashamed to showing you their true self — or seeing yours. They're “real” and honest and will tell you the truth when asked their opinion. When your behavior is questionable, there is a fine line between expressing concern and expressing judgement. A true friend will tell you the truth — and will let you know they’ll always be on your side no matter what decision you make even if, in their opinion, it’s the wrong one. 

6) A friend that holds you accountable

A friend that holds you accountable is a friend indeed. Sometimes we need an extra angel on the other shoulder. This isn't the type of friend that judges you; it's the type that you consider to be wise in their path; successful because they've made good decisions.

This type of friend should pray for you and with you about your discernment of people and situations. 

7) A friend that's as passionate about your hobbies and interests as you are.

Be it hunting, sewing, creating crafts, technology and gadget interests - or politics. Someone that can inspire ideas or encourage you in something you enjoy, simply by discussing it with you, laughing with you, is a huge help in your path to happiness.

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