Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Movie Review ...

Each year on this day I've done a year end movie review.

I saw A LOT of movies this year. Fortunately for me, My wife is a movie lover like me. Finding a discount movie ticket source like DealFlicks also helped.

I have really enjoyed going to the movies this year. Obviously I'm not alone - this year was a record box office by almost DOUBLE!

Here's my top picks that I would recommend you see if you haven't 

My number one pick for the year is:

Pete's Dragon. This is an outstanding family movie and I loved every bit of it and especially the message it had. I loved the design of the dragon and the companion children's book the movie promotes.

Second place goes to Star Wars: Rogue One ... this is one of the few movies that I've been to more than once while still in theaters in YEARS! It's true to the Star Wars movies and brings back Darth Vader. <- what's not to love about that?

Third place: Doctor Strange. Good story. Funny. Great acting - especially considering the material.

Honorable mentions:

Captain America: Civil War - probably best Marvel movie yet - mostly because it wasn't trying to top other movies in the comic universe.

Moana. Definitely not a Frozen but fun to watch

Deadpool. I think this movie was overrated and hyped mostly because it was cool to like it. I liked it though, coulda done with less rated R material. 

Star Trek: Beyond. Seemed more like a great made for TV episode/installment but I liked it.

Suicide Squad. It was okay. Again, the hype/ the cool thing to do was like this movie. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was truly a breakout role for her though. The Enchantress scenes were laughable though.

Ghostbusters 3 (I liked it more than awful critic reviews it got)

Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

(Blah) I'm still in love with the Micheal Keaton Batman.

The Legend Of Tarzan. This was very entertaining. I'm not a fan of this story but I liked this movie a lot. 

The Secret Life Of Pets. By far my biggest disappointment. Nearly all of this movies best moments you saw a thousand times in the previews.

Finding Dory. Another good entry for Pixar. Gets a thumbs up because of BEKKY! and "cute cuddly sad otter faces" <- you have to see the movie to know what I'm referring to.

The Jungle Book - amazing effects. Perfect plot. Great family movie.

Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them. - I liked it ok. Not a disappointment to Harry Potter fans.

Central Intelligence. Pretty funny. A little over the top. 

Ms. Perigrene's Home For Peculiar Children. I loved this movie. I thought it was perfect Tim Burton directing and style.

Zootopia. Fantastic. Worthy of buying on DVD and rewatching annually.

Cloverfield Lane. Loved this movie as well. Great drama. Suspenseful.

Xmen: Apocalypse. An okay addition to the XMen universe.

Alice: Through The Looking Glass. Dissappoting

Snowden. Eye opening and highly recommended to watch.

2016 movies I missed but plan to see soon:


Hidden Figures


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