Thursday, July 07, 2016

Who's on soup?

Here's a funny story from my journal on this day July 7, 2006 ...

So I go with [a friend] to Four Chefs restaurant tonight ...

I love all of the food there; particularly their soups. I have to order a cup, no matter what kind they're serving. The menu says 

"Soup Du Jour $1.99 cup / $3.49 bowl"

A new, first hour on the job waitress comes up to our table and I order a French Dip sandwich and ask ... 

"What is your soup for today?"

Waitress: "Soup Du Jour"

Me: "I know, but what is it?"

Waitress: "Soup Du Jour, it's really good."

Me: "I LOVE your soups but what kind of soup is served today?"

Waitress: "It's called soup du jour it's like a creamy corn chowder"

Me: "Ah, ok, it's corn chowder."

Waitress: "Well, they call it soup du jour here. I always called it corn chowder. My grandma used to make the best."

(I gave up at this point trying to argue or understand)

We laughed at the table for a bit.

One of the chefs came out with our soup ... 

Chef: "Here's your soup of the day, it's chicken corn chowder. I'm sorry, but you were our new waitress's first customer and I guess I just assumed she knew that we changed our soup of the day."

Me: "We were like who's on first there for a while - I felt like Costello saying, "I know it's soup du jour Abbott, but what kind is it?"

I left her a cash tip of 25% 

In the field on the credit card receipt I put 

"     See your cash 
___du jour on table___"