Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How To Stop Game Requests On Facebook … Or … Ending The Annoyance Of Candy Crush Saga & Farmville

A lot of times, facebook games send game requests out automatically.

I personally don't send game requests unless I know you like them and I'm really choosey which games and apps I use.

There are only a few games on facebook that don't track you. If you are playing Candy Crush and the "________ville" games - you are surrendering your privacy every second you play.

 While I recommend not playing games at all on facebook - remember - free is NOT really free - they make money by selling your profile data, friends data, and your "gaming statistics", including tracking you … you can prevent others from sending you game requests easily. Just block the games. Most everybody plays the same games. After about a month of performing the steps below, you should get relatively few gaming requests. I only get about one a month now and I have a lot of facebook friends - 10x more than most of you.

 1) ON FACEBOOK.COM … In the left sidebar on your computer, go to games. This will take you to the "facebook app center" … Click on "Requests" in the left sidebar of that page. Note in the picture what comes up …

 2) Visible in the small red area (circled for you to notice) is an X … click it.

 3) Choose "Block _______________ game"

 4) Confirm. Once you do this with the popular games (ie Candy Crush) you'll eventually only have a request every few months.

Tip #2 … pay attention! Choose "skip" when a facebook app asks if it can post to your profile or share on your friend's wall. Greater than 50% of the viruses I am removing from computers these days are making it onto your computers via facebook games. Note: facebook itself is benign, but know that most "pages" are marketing companies - collecting data on you. LOTS OF DATA!

Tip #3 … Screenshot pictures and memes and re-upload them rather than sharing. Credit the pictures if you like.

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