Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How Do I Get Rid Of Bot-Sites Like VampireStat? There IS One Way!

My traffic on my local news website thelibertymonitor.com has been growing steadily over the last two years. As traffic has increased so have sitesuckers!

I've searched all over the internet how I can get rid of sites like vampirestat, zombiestat, and adsensewatchdog … but pretty much all the discussion on the topic says, "You can't and that Google refuses to do anything about such websites.

Website, Tech Lore by Igor, at …


… is the most informative about the topic, but after reading his website I think I came across the answer. It appears Google allows these "bot-sites" to crawl blogger blogs if you do not have adsense - Google's advertisement and monetization program. If you do have adsense, it seems Google will quickly eliminate your "bot problem" so it won't jack up your pageviews and therefore your adsense revenue.

I was axed from the adsense permanently a few years ago - so I can't personally use this cure. Google's loss because my blogs have since skyrocketed in traffic.

There are ways to block domains in blogger blogs by using a proxy server but it's too complicated to follow and apparently really slows your blog down. Operating a dependable news site, I can't afford for any lost load time.

One tip that seems to be common across the web is that you should not visit these sites to try to figure aout what they are, what they are doing, or to use any contact information. You will most likely be put on a spam list and it seems most of the sites contain malicious content - adware, spyware, and malware. 

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