Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Wolverine: A Cut Above The Rest

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Great story. 

Great acting. 

Great special effects.

I've honestly liked all of the X-men movies. I wasn't a fan of the comic or the cartoon series. The X-men movies have made superheroes seem real and had great commentary on race, genocide, mortality, and using one's talents.

It's rare these days that big budget special effects movies have believable acting or a plot. Most special effects blockbusters are meant to dazzle to make up for plot holes.
Wolverine, a man who has the gift of healing instantly, is also tortured by that gift. His gift also protects him from the scars of aging and he's had to watch his loved ones die in his 200 years of life.

Summoned to Japan by an old acquaintance, Wolverine is faced, for the first time, with his own mortality. As he stands at the brink of death, he must decide if he should die or whether more of the ones he loves will die instead.
I loved watching the reenactment of the bomb dropping on Nagasaki in Word War II and the different perspective given from the Japanese soldier's point of view.

I highly recommend this film.

Infrequent cursing and lightly suggestive sexual references.

★★★★★ out of ★★★★★
(5 stars)

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