Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It Appears To Be More Real This Time ...

Tech Blog Gizmag is reporting that after some confusion over the past year about the rebirth and production of the Aptera, it looks like a reorganization by the design and patent holder is coming to reality.

The biggest surprise in the new announcement is that there will potentially be 3 models.
• A U.S. produced all gas version that will hold 5 gallons and get slightly over 100mpg. 
• A Chinese produced version that will be all electric, and 
• A hybrid that may peak at 240mpg (to be produced at a later date). 
Any of you that are regular readers know that I am one of Aptera's biggest fans and I honestly see it as the future of the automobile industry. I had even posited that I thought Apple should buy them out and enter the car business and make as big a splash there as with the iPhone and iPad. 

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