Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness = Five Stars: No Dark Ones

So, if you're a trek fan like me, then you've probably already seen this movie before reading this review. If you consider yourself a "trekkie" then you and a friend saw it at midnight a week ago.

For those of you that haven't seen this movie or need confirmation that it was a great film then this review is for you.

The movie is light on plot with plot many elements and themes borrowed. That statement will really hit home with the twist in the film. I won't give anything away, but just remember … with J.J. Abrams Star Trek, we are on an alternate timeline than the original 60's series and original movies would have us on.

That alternate timeline was created by the "old Spock" in the last film.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch plays the villain in the film with a Voldermort vibe - hell bent on destroying Hogwarts … wait … wrong movie. Well, that will make sense when you it.

The production quality of this movie is amazing. Excellent design and incredible detail while maintaining a small homage to previous generations of trek franchises.

Saying too much about this movie will give it away due to the simplicity of the plot.

This movie needs to be seen in the theater. 


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How To Pair MOST Bluetooth Songdocks To An iPhone or iPad

This is what is known as a SongDock … it was originally developed by Bose and then ultimately ripped off …

This particular unit is one such ripoff.

When I bought it … I thought it said SongDocky … so that's what I  call it.

It's one that I have and it works very well.

I got this particular unit from Rapdbuyr when they had a $10 off any purchase deal - making the price $4.99 shipped.

It comes in black and white.

I figured it would come in handy once I made the transition to a lightning connector since I have a pretty big investment in docks that have the 30 pin connector.

Unfortunately, the dock only transmits stereo audio - so you can't control any other aspects of the dock itself. You also can't control the iPod, iPad, or iPhone in your hand (or wherever it is) with the dock's remote as would be able to do if the iDevice itself were physically docked.

This also means that you cannot transmit video through the SongDock.

To operate it …

1) Plug the "SongDock" into a 30 pin iPod/iPhone/iPad dock connector.

2) Hold down the little button on the top for 5 seconds

3) Go to settings / bluetooth

4) The SongDock will appear as a generic device at first

5) Click "Pair"

6) Enter the code "0000" (Four zeros)

7) You now can hear ANY audio that would normally flow through the dock connector.

I have several other such devices and the Belkin bluetooth adapter has the same pairing instructions and code.

The process should work fairly similarly with computers (Both Mac and PC) and other smartphones.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Robert Downey Jr. Should Get His Driver's License Name Changed To Tony Stark

I have to be honest. I've wasn't a fan of Iron Man as kid. In fact, I was and still am a DC Comics guy.

DC Comics has fared poorly with scripts, acting, and general non release of super hero films in their franchise. Batman is the only exception. On the other hand, Marvel Comics has released a film or subplot featuring just about every charcacter in their empire and done so very well with everything from Blade to Spiderman to X-men to Iron Man.

That out of the way … the Iron Man franchise has made the transition from comics and cartoons very well to the movie screen. The majority of that success has to be attributed to Robert Downey Jr. - he is Iron Man. He almost has to ad lib a good bit of his lines. Downey's harsh, arrogant words become Tony Stark - the man behind Iron Man. I can almost picture Downey really being Iron Man if the technology and money permitted him. Downey was destined to be in the role.

Iron Man III apparently begins to end Downey's run as Iron Man, but possibly hints at a smaller role in an Avengers sequel and maybe a spinoff. You'll have to see the movie to gather the same notion.

The plot of the first Avengers movie is interwoven masterfully into the plot of the third Iron Man standalone movie. Downey portrays Tony Stark who is haunted by the images of "what happened in New York". This plot device plays nicely into the story because The Avengers movie was certainly on epic proportions and that sets the tone that this storyline can't possibly be as grandiose.

Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin, the film's villain, is played terrifically. The Mandarin seems to be modeled somewhat after Osama Bin Laden.

If you saw some of the previews and thought the Mandarin's voice to be cheesy, like I did, you'll understand that "voice" once you see the film.

All the Iron Man movies get a five out five star rating from me. Perfect plots, seamless special effects, innovative action sequences, epic scale, and political incorrectness make the whole series of films a must see.

All of the Iron Man movies are PG-13 for violence but none is gory or bloody (at least not blood by the gallons like some movies). The movie's characters rarely if ever curse and I can't recall hearing a single curse word - which is something rarely found in movies any more. This is certainly a family movie and your entire family will enjoy it.

The only week spot, if one could be found, is Gwyneth Paltrow. Her acting is subpar in this film and the others.