Thursday, April 04, 2013

New Stephen King Novel TV Adaptation Seems Like A Story About My Town

In another life, I'm the editor and owner of my town's local news source.

My town is a very small town with lots of typical small town politics.

I'm very excited about this new Stephen King TV adaptation, Under The Dome, about a small town that get traps under a mysterious "isolating dome".

CBS Television has released a sneak peek of its highly anticipated summer series, "Under the Dome."

The series is based on the 2009 scifi/horror/drama book entitled "Under The Dome" by Stephen King and will be adapted by "Lost" producer Brian K. Vaughan.

"Under the Dome" will follow the residents of the small Maine town of Chester's Mill as they try to figure out why a giant transparent dome has been placed over their town, and how they can break through it to escape.

"Two thousand people secluded, it just gets pretty scary, very quickly,” Britt Robertson, one of the show's stars, says in the trailer.

"People's eyes are going to bug out," says Stephen King.

According to wikipedia, the story includes the character, Julia Shumway.
Shumway is a cynical, witty woman who owns and edits The Democrat (despite being a Republican), the town's local newspaper. Julia often feels the need to prove a point and expose those she sees around her. Julia becomes the conduit between Colonel Cox and Dale Barbara via her cell phone. Julia and Dale have a budding romantic relationship. Both Dale and Julia are gutsy and tough, brave enough to try any chance they might have for survival. Julia comes from a family of news executives; the newspaper is a family concern. She was groomed early for success and was viewed by her peers as a "goody-two-shoes." A confrontation with her classmates in fourth grade caused her to rethink her status and changed the course of her academic career; however, this same confrontation is key in helping her formulate a plan to end the siege. She is one of the 26 survivors of the Dome.
The series premeires at 10PM on WSPA/CBS Channel 7 on June 24, 2013.

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