Monday, July 09, 2012

Orgreenic "As Seen On TV" Non Stick Pan: Womp-waaaaah

I like to try out "As Seen On TV" products when I get the chance.

Usually I'll use a credit I have with Amazon or deep discounts at places like CVS pharmacy.

Most recently I've tried out the Orgreenic "Non Stick" Pan.

The claims in the commercials show its durability and strength. The commercials show burning cheese, burning chococolate, cooking meat - all with no oil, butter, or "other lubrication". They also show cooking fried and scrambled eggs easily with no butter. The egg cooking is what most attracted me. For the first week everything seemed great. I was actually amazed at how the non stick "coating" was performing. But then … things began to be worse than ANY other cooking utensil.

First, on week two, the pan developed a scratch. (Something the commercials claim won't happen.) The commercial even goes as far as creating an elaborate computer animation of how they have a "patent pending" coating process.

Orgreenic Commercial Second, after about a month's worth of fairly heavy use - although caution not to scratch or abuse it - things are now regularly sticking and the pan is very frustrating to use. Recommendation: DO NOT BUY!

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