Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'd like to welcome a new advertiser to fixyourthinking.com … www.recordingmagic.com.

Since about 2002, after having issues with contractors and business partners not holding their end of the bargain from their verbal agreements … I have recorded most of my phone calls.

In 2004, I was legally challenged for recording a call by OfficeMax corporate relations. After winning the court case, I decided to take all the research from my case where I represented myself and make a reference on www.fixyourthinking.com.

Since writing the reference, I've answered over 500 questions from readers all over the country and even testified as an expert witness in a few court cases. Attorneys from around the country refer to my reference on a regular basis.

I regularly field questions for recording phone calls in child custody cases, business negotations, and debt collectors. Court cases around the country have been won (and lost) because of the extensive reference that I've built over the years.

I told Jim at Recording Magic© that I'd like to share his products with FYT readers which include businesses, politicians, and just everyday folks like you and me.

Jim, at Recording Magic©, says he has lots of great insight to share … so FYT readers can look forward to something new … soon!

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To read the phone recording reference or to bookmark it:

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