Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Back From A Short Naptera?

Awesome news if this becomes reality!

From the website PRC&ME …
The problem is that the approach to the project is now different. Aptera was planning to do all the manufacturing in the US. With the new arrangement, the bodies will be made in China. As we were discussing with the people at the booth, this seemed to be a major advantage. Manufacturing the body is now cheaper and quicker. The new owners of this technology were very critical of how Aptera had previously gone about setting up the operation.

From listening to them, they
[ZAP] have obviously looked at each part of the manufacturing process and made decisions what could be best done in China and what processes should still remain in the US. There is a concrete plan and they are doing their best to avoid Aptera's previous fate. You can't ask for more than them learning from the past mistakes of others.

Who knows what will eventually happen, but I am very positive about the future of the project after our visit to their booth.
[@ a Trade Show In China]

And … it's now official …


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