Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'd like to welcome a new advertiser to fixyourthinking.com … www.recordingmagic.com.

Since about 2002, after having issues with contractors and business partners not holding their end of the bargain from their verbal agreements … I have recorded most of my phone calls.

In 2004, I was legally challenged for recording a call by OfficeMax corporate relations. After winning the court case, I decided to take all the research from my case where I represented myself and make a reference on www.fixyourthinking.com.

Since writing the reference, I've answered over 500 questions from readers all over the country and even testified as an expert witness in a few court cases. Attorneys from around the country refer to my reference on a regular basis.

I regularly field questions for recording phone calls in child custody cases, business negotations, and debt collectors. Court cases around the country have been won (and lost) because of the extensive reference that I've built over the years.

I told Jim at Recording Magic© that I'd like to share his products with FYT readers which include businesses, politicians, and just everyday folks like you and me.

Jim, at Recording Magic©, says he has lots of great insight to share … so FYT readers can look forward to something new … soon!

Please support FYT by visiting the links to advertisers and products to the side and please consider a donation if you've found an article helpful.

To read the phone recording reference or to bookmark it:

Movie Review: Avengers

I have to admit that Marvel Superheroes have never been my favorite. That said, all the X-Men films, Iron Man, and Spiderman films (with the exception of the 3rd film) have been top notch. I also liked the first Blade movie.

I've always thought that Thor was silly. I've never liked Captain America. I didn't like either of the Hulk movies. I don't even consider Hawk or Black Widow superheroes.

To me, the only well played villains are in the X-Men Series and the first two Spiderman movies. Even so, when I was kid, I thought the Goblin and Dr. Octopus were silly villains.

The best Superhero movies focus on developing the likeableness and believability of the villain. Superhero movies that focus too much on the superhero - don't really make for good scripts.

Very few Superhero movies do a good job with origin stories.

In The Avengers, we've already dealt with the villain; Loki.

Loki is portrayed in the 2011 movie Thor as Thor's evil brother.

While actor Tom Hiddleston does a very convincing job playing Loki, the villain itself is weak. All of the story behind Thor is weak and the character is just downright silly. While I realize that with all the stories and villains we are suppose to suspend our disbelief … I at least like to think that the Superhero I'm looking at is real. Spiderman, Batman, The Flash ... even Superman do a good job of this. The story of Thor just seems far fetched and ridiculous to me. Maybe, in a small part, it has something to with my religious conviction, but mostly, I just find Thor ridiculous.

Let me break the movie down into Pros and Cons:


• Actor Robert Downey Jr. is top notch and a perfect fit for this movie and for Iron Man.

• Mark Ruffalo plays the best Hulk and Dr. Banner to date. I think they finally got his compelling backstory right and his transformation right.

• The movie is action packed and adds a number of original elements to the Marvel Universe.

• The movie contains welcome humor ~ mostly coming from Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man/Tony Starck figure.

• The movie contains some of the most realistic and completely amazing special effects of any move to date.

• I'm not sure, but I don't remember a single curse word being said in the entire movie. The movie almost could have been rated G.


• The movie drags a bit … mostly due to the Thor/Loki plot lines.

• Samuel Jackson plays Samuel Jackson in this movie. I'm not a big Samuel Jackson fan, so I may be bias here. It seems this role is pieced together from the two dozen other blockbusters that directors love to put a Sam Jackson cameo into.

The Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansen and The Hawk played by Jeremy Renner are played well, but seem like weak characters.

Captain America is no longer a relevant or likable superhero even though he's played perfectly by actor Chris Evans.

• The enemy is in a way; undefined. The enemy isn't unique and while very interesting seems borrowed from other movies.

• Borrowed plot lines and effects.

Overall, I'd rate Avengers a 5 out of 10.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Limerick Day …

Here's a limerick I wrote for you  …

It's called "A wink and a nod to my readers"

Thanks for visiting "Fix Your Thinking"

I often roll my fingers, pinking

Not always knowing what to write

Not always knowing what to right

But whilst I type, I'm lovingly blinking

A limerick is a short, comical, and almost musical poem that often borders on the nonsensical or obscene. It was popularized in English by Edward Lear (and thus Limerick Day is celebrated on his birthday, May 12).

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Something from the archives that never got published ...

* Jackwhispers Website Design 3

I'm feeling kinda teary eyed and nostalgic right now ...

I have just finished backing up and deleting all of the old Jackwhispers website. (The former name of this site) I had transferred the majority of the old site to this blog which registers under jackwhispers.com and fixyourthinking.com back late last year.

* Original Website

This site started in August of 2003 to follow the day to day "activity" of Jack Campbell, the former head of MacMice/DVForge/et al. It was originally started by an unknown entity who still somewhat remains anonymous to this day ... although I have my ideas. The first day it was published, I was sent an anonymous email saying I was editor at a website called Jackwhispers.com. I jumped at the opportunity to write. It had been a while since I had gotten some form of recognition for writing beyond high moderation on Slashdot.

I had always wanted to do a site like this ... and before I started Jackwhispers I had a Slashdot journal (precursor to BLOGs). I wrote in it from 1998 to 2004 discussing a range of topics, but mostly relating to eBay and Apple.

Now a new chapter begins. Jack Campbell is no longer a threat to the Apple business and consumer world. In fact, I would say he's a changed man. Thanks to me? Who knows!

I feel this website has the potential to grow into something much bigger some day. I have broken many stories and expanded on the news behind the news in the eBay and Apple communities.

I hope you like the direction this site has taken ... help me to continue to spread the word.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Back From A Short Naptera?

Awesome news if this becomes reality!

From the website PRC&ME …
The problem is that the approach to the project is now different. Aptera was planning to do all the manufacturing in the US. With the new arrangement, the bodies will be made in China. As we were discussing with the people at the booth, this seemed to be a major advantage. Manufacturing the body is now cheaper and quicker. The new owners of this technology were very critical of how Aptera had previously gone about setting up the operation.

From listening to them, they
[ZAP] have obviously looked at each part of the manufacturing process and made decisions what could be best done in China and what processes should still remain in the US. There is a concrete plan and they are doing their best to avoid Aptera's previous fate. You can't ask for more than them learning from the past mistakes of others.

Who knows what will eventually happen, but I am very positive about the future of the project after our visit to their booth.
[@ a Trade Show In China]

And … it's now official …