Thursday, January 05, 2012

How do I unsubscribe from unwanted French or Japanese iTunes & Apple Product News emails ...

For over a year now …

I've been receiving unwanted iTunes emails that are directed to my custom domain name. I've called Apple customer service dozens of times and was assured the emails would stop. They haven't.

* This represents about 1/3 of the emails / Saved for proof of reciept
One of my New Year's resolutions is to try to cut down on the amount of junk or bulk email I receive in an effort to cut my data usage on my iPhone. I have a feeling my unlimited data plan days are numbered with AT&T.

NOTE: I don't even get marketing emails from Apple (or iTunes) in English. I keep up with Apple news pretty well and don't need to know if the latest iPod Touch has been released or the latest Christina Aguilera single is out.

So, I went to Google to see what words in French and Japanese meant "unsubscribe". I also learned where in general the "unsubscribe" link is on each of the emails.

The word "Se désabonner" means "unsubscribe in French.
* English & French iTunes Marketing emails
* Japanese iTunes Marketing emails
NOTE: If you're wanting to accomplish the same thing, you may have to unsubscribe separately from iTunes, Apple Product, iBookStore, and customer service emails individually.

* email unsubscribe location of Apple Product News emails
Even if the boxes are unchecked, still use the update button to update your preferences.

* English Update Email Preferences Page / Note "Update" is highlighted by default

* Japanese Update Email Preferences Page / Note "Update" is highlighted by default
Also, you may need to unsubscribe in separate languages. I was receiving the Apple marketing emails from one address in two separate languages.

After you update your preferences, you should get a confirmation like this …

Hope this helps anyone with the same frustrations.

* click on images to see larger views.

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