Monday, December 05, 2011

Aptera Is Outta-Here-a

Original Aptera 2e announced in late 2009
The coolest car ever in my opinion … apparently will never be.

I was giddy when the Aptera was first announced, remembering my elementary school days where I would doodle futuristic car designs in the boarders of my notebook paper.

In an email to supporters, President and CEO Paul Wilbur wrote …
"After years of focused effort to bring our products to the market, Aptera Motors is closing its doors, effective today. This is a difficult time for everyone connected with our company because we have never been closer to realizing our vision. Unfortunately, though, we are out of resources."
Back when the car was first announced, I had posited here on FYT that I thought this was a prime market for Apple to step into next. Apple could literally buy the two remaining American Auto makers outright or just about anyone of the European Automakers, save BMW.

But, I say, they would be prime to finally design a car and show the automobile industry how to really do a hybrid … I could only hope that it would look something like the Aptera.

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