Monday, November 28, 2011

Announcing is my latest creative venture.

It's a site where I will share some of my journal entries over the last 27 years.

When I first started my journal, I was 10 years old.

I backdated quite a few entries to when I was 5.

My journal now consists of over 10, 000 entries.

It originally spanned 15 journaling books.

Over the last three years I have been transcribing my handwriting into digital form.

Over the years, I've shared a few of my journal entries on this site. So, if you've enjoyed those, you will enjoy these new stories. I will most likely share some stories you've read here and probably give you a little background on the stories.

The concept of the new site is in its infant stage but I think I want it to go something like this …

First, my nickname is RUS. I have always wanted a domain name with RUS in it but unfortunately the name Toys "R" Us pretty much started a mad grab for anything "R"US.

I thought this was a cool way to get the name RUS.

While I was thinking of domain names I happened to type in A domain sale at GoDaddy said I could get for 99¢ … so I bit.

I structured the site around posting to a wall … kinda like facebook.

Since my journal entries are basically "all Rus" … I thought, wow, I could make this into something!

I got to tinkering around with a digital render of a walrus … and I guess started to formulate a theme for the website.

The site goes like this …

A topic is provided ... let's say ....

Ridiculous, Respect, Rowdy, or Righteous

I'll tell a story from my life (my journal)

Then ... I'll solicit YOU to tell a story from YOUR life that the word "REMINDS" YOU of …

Try it out! Tell me a story about the topic at hand!

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