Monday, November 28, 2011

Announcing is my latest creative venture.

It's a site where I will share some of my journal entries over the last 27 years.

When I first started my journal, I was 10 years old.

I backdated quite a few entries to when I was 5.

My journal now consists of over 10, 000 entries.

It originally spanned 15 journaling books.

Over the last three years I have been transcribing my handwriting into digital form.

Over the years, I've shared a few of my journal entries on this site. So, if you've enjoyed those, you will enjoy these new stories. I will most likely share some stories you've read here and probably give you a little background on the stories.

The concept of the new site is in its infant stage but I think I want it to go something like this …

First, my nickname is RUS. I have always wanted a domain name with RUS in it but unfortunately the name Toys "R" Us pretty much started a mad grab for anything "R"US.

I thought this was a cool way to get the name RUS.

While I was thinking of domain names I happened to type in A domain sale at GoDaddy said I could get for 99¢ … so I bit.

I structured the site around posting to a wall … kinda like facebook.

Since my journal entries are basically "all Rus" … I thought, wow, I could make this into something!

I got to tinkering around with a digital render of a walrus … and I guess started to formulate a theme for the website.

The site goes like this …

A topic is provided ... let's say ....

Ridiculous, Respect, Rowdy, or Righteous

I'll tell a story from my life (my journal)

Then ... I'll solicit YOU to tell a story from YOUR life that the word "REMINDS" YOU of …

Try it out! Tell me a story about the topic at hand!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

About SOPA ...

The Wikipedia article on this proposed legislation (although its neutrality has been disputed) points out a lot of potential problems, and calls it, among other things, a job-killer.
I believe in stopping piracy, but it has been proven that it really isn't the problem many bullying IP owners claim it is:

1) I believe a personal photograph is 100% IP - protected. It means a photographer was there and personally made an effort to be in the place where the photo was taken.

Obviously, there are exceptions to this ... data that is already public or data that is paid for by the public or has free license.

2) From what I'm able to tell and can personally vouch for ... movie and music piracy is in a lot of ways - promotion. 

I do not believe in even the temporary entrepreneurial profiteering off of someone else's work - ie - selling pirated movie DVDs or Music CDs at the flea market or selling online without some form of licensing.

3) Derivitave art, crowdsourced information, amateur reproduction or performance for the purpose of information and not for the intentional laziness or malice of another should be allowed. I think it's clear when plagiarism and blatant theft of copyright/trademark/IP/idea/concept takes place.

4) We truly have come to a point in history where every idea has at least been concieved. No one should legal claim to previous art and copyright should expire. Royalties, with few exceptions (such as iconic Characters) should expire within a very reasonable but lengthy period of time - 25 years.

5) There will ALWAYS be pirates as long as the earth spins. Find one way to stop them - they will find two more ways to steal ~ in a lot of ways justifiably - in other ways; unscrupulous.

6) There will always be more naturally good people that will pay for entertainment and art because they see it as priceless and wish to reward the creator or reward themselves to be entertained.

Monday, November 14, 2011

How to add a facebook feed to your Google blogger blog

Editor's note: 
I don't usually write with a lot of large fonts, italics and underlined text. But, it is extremely important that you pay attention to this tip. Some blogging tools from blogging sites like "squarespace" for instance ~ allow facebook status updates by a widget. I've been told by direct communication with facebook development what you see below. This is the reason for the emphasized text.
After months of trying to figure out how to code a facebook status update on my various blogger blogs … I finally figured out an inelegant way to do it.

This is THE ONLY way that's safe and secure that I've found.

Website widgets as far as I can tell ARE NOT secure and expose you and your friends on facebook to password and status theft.

As far as I can tell, the average status theft is occurring through being friends with "websites or blogs" that have direct facebook integration on their sites.

** KNOW THIS ** - according to the facebook developer forum IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to have a secure application widget on any website (server side or client side).

There is a work around though.

The only way to make a true anti-viral status update available on your website is to display your status as an RSS feed*.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication

Go to

Authorize the feed through facebook connect.

This feed generator is AN AUTHORIZED facebook developer tool.

Once you connect with facebook, this feed generator tool will give you links to your status updates ~ ie … anything posted to your wall. It will also give you a link to just YOUR updates.

I recommend using the second link to respect the privacy of your friends (and possibly family).

Copy the appropriate link to your clipboard or your notepad.

As you can see, it also generates facebook RSS updates for all of your friends if your friends have public facebook profiles. This isn't a security concern, but disrespect of these feeds is potentially a privacy and possibly a legal issue.

If you're wanting to add facebook status updates to your Google blogger blog, go to your dashboard and click on the design tab …

You'll come to this window (Add and Arrange Page Elements …

Click on "Add a Gadget" …

Clicking on "Add a Gadget" will bring up this window (below)

You'll have to scroll down a little bit …. Choose the "Feed" widget by clicking on the + sign …

This window will pop up …

Paste the RSS feed URL you got from  ...

Click "CONTINUE" …

On the next screen you'll be able to choose a few options for the display of your feed.

Adjust accordingly.

Blogger will automatically format your widget for font, background color, width, and height.


It's not the most elegant - but it is the MOST secure!