Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crapola Is The Reason The Competition Doesn't Stand A Chance

What you are looking at is two pictures of the "Smartphone" Motorola Atrix laptop docking station. Actually, let me correct that … what you are looking at is a plastic model with NO ACTUAL parts from the "thing" you are going to get to dock your Motorola "smartphone" running Android.

Apple stores have the iPad 2 on display where you can touch actual product. Most stores, even Walmart, have iPads and iPod Touches behind glass, but they are still actual products ... not some dummy model.

Why would somebody buy this thing? Wait … no one did! It was a huge flop and a huge waste of floor space for Radio Shack and Verizon stores. So much so … I found this "thing" (made out of colored lexan plastic with a laminated paper keyboard and screen simulation) … in the trash behind Radio Shack (along with a huge display).

Sometimes I think to myself … Apple is doing so well, in a lot of cases, because the competition is doing so poorly.

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