Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another Reason I Hated School ...

Here's a part of a comment I left on a website recently about counting 3 days when actually only 48 hours of time had passed …

This is a confusing issue and I can tell you another way in which this same kind of numbering is often miscalculated.

The grading scale.

When I was in school the grading scale was chaged from 90-100 being an "A" to 94-100.

The first, 90-100 looks like a 10 point grading scale. It's actually 11.

The second, looks like a 6 point grading scale, it's actually 7.

It's one of the mathematical illusions that our brains are trained to summarize. 

We want to subtract 10-4 and get 6 rather than count each number .

I hated that the teachers insisted this was an 11 point grading scale, even though I understood the numbering.

I guess what I hated most was that the grading scale went from missing two questions was still an "A" to missing only one question and being a "B" on certain tests.

50 and 100 question True False and multiple choice tests were my friend ;-)

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