Saturday, June 11, 2011

Movie Review: "Super 8" - An 8 out of 10

Super 8 is directed and written by J.J. Abrams.

Here's a brief summary …
"After witnessing a mysterious train crash, a group of friends in the summer of 1979 begin noticing strange happenings going around in their small town, and begin to investigate into the creepy phenomenon." ~ IMDB
Writer/Director/Producer J.J. Abrams
I have to admit that I love J.J. Abrams movie style. He has brought a unique look, feel, and mystery to movies - much in the same way M. Night Shyamalan did a decade ago.

J.J., the creator of the hit tv series LOST plays to the true geek. Just as Shyamalan brought the "not what you think it is until the ending" - Abrams has added unique visions to common occurrences and has a taste for the 70's and 80's when he (and I) grew up.

I didn't expect Super 8 to be as scary and suspenseful as it was - but this is pretty much J.J. Abrams style.

For the first half of the movie, I began to get the feeling that a lot of plots were being hatched and that we would never get the answers just like LOST - which to me, had the most disappointing anticlimactic ending in television or cinematic history.

If I were to give "Super 8" a rating it really would be an 8 out of 10. It has a great character development and the throwback to the early 80's separate it from other movies.

The "monster" will be reminescent of another Abrams movie - Cloverfield, but is still quite unique.

One personal reason I wanted to see this movie was for this odd reason.

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