Thursday, June 16, 2011

How Apple IS protecting your privacy ...

Apple's Find My iPhone sample page
U.S. Senator/Former SNL Writer Al Franken
With all the talk lately about Apple collecting iPhone location data and bumbling Saturday Night Live writer/actor/comedian turned U.S. Senator Al Franken trying to capitalize on Apple headlines like a Dvorak column with his new "privacy bill", no one seems to have mentioned something rather obvious …

Apple provides one service, completely free, that is squarely aimed at consumer privacy:

Before Find My iPhone, you could google for "a phone ringing" website, ring your phone, and if it wasn't on silent, locate your cellphone. With Find My iPhone, the phone will ring in a loud echoing submarine sonar ringtone EVEN IF you have the phone on silent - just by going to Apple's very own

This is one of the iPhone's single biggest awesome features that isn't marketed very much … but there's a another advantage; privacy.

See, all those "make your phone ring from the internet" services - they collect and SELL your number. Some, are even laced with malware and porn ads.

So, the geniuses at Apple truly do care about your privacy and Senator Franken … you didn't even know it.

I just used it … I probably use it two or three times a week.

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