Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Apple "iPhone 4 Signal Loss" Press Conference

Provided below is a link to the Steve Jobs (and crew @ Apple) talk on the iPhone 4 signal issue ... It also explains the process to get a free bumper.

My take on this issue ...

1) All iPhones have had this problem - one of my Nokias (that I still use as a back up) has this issue

2) This is a rather common problem with cellphones ... "where you hold it" ... but the iPhone has a particular spot that is "made worse" by the touch of your skin.

3) Methinks Verizon has stepped into the role of Creative (an old Apple iPod rival) ... at ANY chance they are PLANTING FUD into the media - even going as far as making things up like "what anonymous Apple engineers have said".

4) A case (mine is made by a company called Rocketfish) did help my signal "issues" greatly as did the update to the iPhone OS (OS4.0.1)

You can see the press conference here:

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