Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What To Do When USB Peripherals Won't Wake From Sleep And Stop Working

I posted this on my new support site for my USB Ethernet Adapter and thought I'd share it here:

You may come across an issue with your adapter where it won't work unless you restart after being in sleep mode.

Here are some suggestions to cure this issue.

First, know that this is a common issue with ALL driver based peripherals. This sometimes includes printers, hard drives, and various other adapters.

Sometimes, unpowered adapters just don't have any juice to kickstart the USB chain's 5 volt electrical line.

Sometimes, your Mac can go into "deep sleep" mode and it's an actual issue with your Mac that cannot be remedied. Two such Macs are the iBook G4 and iMac G4 - but it's still a some do/some don't kind of issue.

Another thing you can try may sound odd, but I'll explain it ...

Go to the Bluetooth settings on your Mac in the System Preferences Control Panel ... Apple Menu/System Preferences

Click on Bluetooth ...

This window appears:

Click on (Advanced ...)

This window appears:

Check the box that says, "Allow bluetooth devices to wake this computer"

Close the Bluetooth Control Panel.

This will allow your Mac to "see" an unpowered device. The Bluetooth controller on older Macs is a part or function of the USB bus.

Another thing to try is to uncheck "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" in the Energy Saver Control Panel ...

Again, these solutions may work, they may not.

When your computer was surged or lost ethernet, other components of the Mac could have been damaged and you may not be able to prevent "deep sleep issues".

* Don't have a bluetooth control panel? Go to Applications/Utilities/Bluetooth and enable it. You do NOT have to have bluetooth capability to use this tip.