Thursday, May 20, 2010

"I" don't "C" Any Activity "@" iLoad

Last night I got a comment on one of my older stories:

Anonymous said...

I actually bought an iLoad at a flea market recently for $5.00. I only bought it to get the seller to drop the price on another item I really wanted. After getting it home I tried to sync it up with my mp3 player but found it to be useless. SO... I hacked it and turned it into a mini-computer running Puppy Linux. As a matter of fact, I'm typing this message on it right now.
See the iLoad isn't totally worthless, all it needed was a screwdriver, a Dremel tool and some ingenuity and Voila' an underpowered but very cheap computer ensues.

I replied with the following:

fixyourthinking said...

Wow ... no matter how bad the product - you got a good deal. $5 is worth paying for any electronic that has a slot loading optical drive.

The unit is a mini ITX computer - there's nothing special about it all.

I did notice their site hasn't been updated in a long time and I noticed this at the bottom:

© 2005-8 iLoad, LLC, Campbell, CA 95008, All rights reserved worldwide. Patents Pending Worldwide.

Dealing with Wingspan Partners LLC is one of the worst backstabbing experiences I've ever had. I honestly hope their company is outta business like their website indicates.

[UPDATE] The websites and no longer resolve.

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