Friday, April 02, 2010

Will iPads Be Unsellable?

Since my FIXYOURTHINKING regular readers have helped me out with grammar issues ...

While typing an article for my other website ATLIBERTYTOSAY.COM I stumbled on this grammar issue:

Because donated items are often unkept - they often go bad out in the weather and are unsalable. These items are carried off to the Pickens County Landfill and dumped.

The dictionary (on my Mac and my iPhone) corrected my typing from "unsellable" to "unsalable" - apparently the commonly "heard" term is "unsellable" but it's slang.

What do you say?

[UPDATE] I saw this show title on TV:


Anonymous said...

Neither is correct. It is "unsaleable."

Philip Smith said...

That spelling isn't in any dictionary I could find.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to what dictionaries you're using. It's in the OED:

But it's also in



And probably countless others.

fixyourthinking said...

Those were all unabridged versions. Two of them have the correct spelling used here.

Anything you put up for retail - you put up for sale. Even if at MSRP.

Anonymous said...

The Concise OED is actually the abridged version. The unabridged has some outrageous monthly charge of around $30.