Friday, April 16, 2010

iPhone Snaps

Not sure I understand it ... but I thought it was interesting.


Anonymous said...

Is it a Chevy?

fixyourthinking said...

Yeah. An s10

Ughsome said...

Shuv+Alay (written in this as Alai) mean,literally translated, 'Auspicious Abode', which colloquially translates more to 'happy home', in Hindi, deriving from Sanskrit.

Shuv- the pronuciation roughly rhymes with the 'rhub' in 'rhubarb', rather than with 'shove.

Alay/ Alai- this is pronounced roughly as 'Aa-lie' rather than 'allay'.
Hope this helps!

Ughsome said...

Sorry I see it's written as'Ahlay'not Alai.
In any case the meaning is the same :)
unless it also means something else in some other lanuage and that was the intended meaning!

Anonymous said...

My guess is shuvahlay is how rednecks pronounce Chevrolet.