Sunday, March 07, 2010

About Ad-blocking ...

A few weeks ago, I started a part time job working at a local PC fix it shop - hired mostly to do any Mac work that came their way, but to do most anything else too.

One highlight of this job was my perk of getting to work on my websites during any down time - the one you're reading and my local website to where I live ATLIBERTYTOSAY.COM.

One day, not having my Macbook, I asked the owner of the PC shop if I could use his computer to look at my website. I noticed that the formatting was off. I couldn't figure out why ... then he made the quip ...

"None of your ads are showing up."

I said, "Oh, why is that?"

He told me he had ad-blocking software turned on and that he hated ads.

My Google adsense ads and a few private ad contracts are honestly my ONLY motivation for keeping this site going nowadays. For my ATLIBERTYTOSAY.COM website it actually pays my bills. If you have ad blocking turned on, you take away from what Google measures as a hit on my webpage. Not even viewing ads hurts my revenue stream, without which I would not be able to make the time to update this site.

To give you some statistics:

- The "Recording Phone Calls" reference which I answer and update religiously is viewed over 5000 times monthly.

- My bluetooth headset references are viewed by over 1000 monthly

- My "As The Apple Turns" and Jack Miller stories are linked all over the web

- My "Worst Date For An Apple Tech" story has received over 100,000 hits since I wrote it

- My "Together Dating" reference and "Bidzirk" story have become major parts of litigation to protect consumers, bloggers, and constitutional rights.

Here's a poignant article summary from a website called ARS TECHNICA about the importance of advertisement:

"Ars Technica recently conducted a 12-hour experiment in which story content was hidden from users of popular ad blocking tools. Explaining the experiment, Ken Fisher appealed to Ars's readership: 'My argument is simple: blocking ads can be devastating to the sites you love. I am not making an argument that blocking ads is a form of stealing, or is immoral, or unethical, or makes someone the son of the devil. It can result in people losing their jobs, it can result in less content on any given site, and it definitely can affect the quality of content. It can also put sites into a real advertising death spin. As ad revenues go down, many sites are lured into running advertising of a truly questionable nature. We've all seen it happen. I am very proud of the fact that we routinely talk to you guys in our feedback forum about the quality of our ads. I have proven over 12 years that we will fight on the behalf of readers whenever we can. Does that mean that there are the occasional intrusive ads, expanding this way and that? Yes, sometimes we have to accept those ads. But any of you reading this site for any significant period of time know that these are few and far between. We turn down offers every month for advertising like that out of respect for you guys. We simply ask that you return the favor and not block ads.'"

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