Sunday, January 31, 2010

MyPoints Surveys Taking 10 minutes & 10 Questions To "Disqualify" You

I've been a member of the "member rewards" club called MyPoints for a long time now - pretty much since they started.

Barring this other problem, I rarely have a beef with them and have enjoyed participating in the program.

Since joining, I've cashed out nearly $13,000 in gift cards.


One of the many ways to earn free points to "buy" gift cards is to view emails and answer online surveys that usually take 10 to 20 minutes time.

These surveys award you 10 to 25 MyPoints points if you don't qualify.

They will typically reward you 50 to 500 points if you do qualify and complete the survey.

I rarely qualify for surveys (mostly on purpose) because I answer the first question that pops up:

Do you or anyone in your immediate family work for:

• Work for the government or a government agency
• In the publishing industry

My wife works for the government and I legitimately consider myself (with this website that you're reading) and especially with my local website - to be a publisher. I know that checking these two things will typically "disqualify" me from the survey - I'll get my 10 points and move on.

Lately, these surveys are asking multiple questions about age, gender, race - sometimes two or three times repetitively. They are are also asking detailed questions about preferences and sometimes getting 5 minutes into the survey then BANG you're disqualified. I consider most of the questions beyond age, gender, race, and location to be "useable" information when it comes to surveys.

I took one this morning that asked me 18 questions, took 8 minutes, and spanned over 11 different pages.

Message to MyPoints ... start compensating 25 points for these surveys after being disqualified.

I have another suggestion for MyPoints ... tell what the survey is about. I might be more interested in taking it if I knew what it was about.

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