Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Semi-Official End To Jackwhispers

Last night, I officially moved to this site to FIXYOURTHINKING.COM for my domain ... I've been hesitant because it meant losing a lot of search engine traffic that is engrained with jackwhispers.com and jackwhispers.blogspot.com

Everything should still register if someone types in jackwhispers.blogspot.com.

This was a hard decision because 1000's of people read the telephone law recording reference here each month.

I just hope it will make it back into the searches soon.

For the past year two years, if I've created a link on DIGG or to send to Macsurfer - I've been using FIXYOURTHINKING.COM.


I am a lover of children's literature said...

I was thinking of doing the same, but one option is do to what Tom Restman did:

Link fixyourthinking.com to jackwhispers.blogpsot.com. Y

You could put up the first paragraph of each new post and have the whole post linked to your new site, thus if people want to read the rest, the old site will automatically send them to the new one!

To help you out, I will add your new link to my blog as well, but remember: If I'm ever in South Carolina, you owe me a beer!

Just kidding, I don't drink the stuff!

Philip Smith said...

How about a coffee instead - or a spiced Chai latte.

Thanks Don.