Monday, December 07, 2009

Base Your Business On How Your Partner Looks ...

I'm not too sure how many of you are interested in the CrunchPad saga - where Mike Arrington - the universally despised editor @ TechCrunch threatened to shake up the world with a $200 internet tablet that was better than an iPhone or a laptop BUT ...

Here's the details in short:

From VentureBeat:

"The computer, named the Crunchpad, was scheduled to ship in time for Black Friday / Cyber Monday shoppers two weeks ago. It would have been a great tale of how a journalist proved his own claims for the new rules of entrepreneurialism.

But at the last minute, Arrington posted a claim that the production contractor, Fusion Garage — a 12 person company set up in Silicon Valley in February — had told him without warning that they and their investors had decided to sell the product themselves. Arrington would be pushed aside into a marketing / evangelism role."

Well, here's a picture of the guy that made the presentation about the "soon to ship" tablet renamed JooJoo:

Picture from ENGADGET

Sorry to be shallow ... but if you look like that - WE ARE NOT DOING ANY BUSINESS TOGETHER!

A business partnership is like a marriage and my wife is a fox!


Anonymous said...

It works in reverse also. If your presenter is too good looking, then you've got distractions. You may want to use someone who is plain but on the good looking side? The guy in your picture is awesome though isn't he?

Philip Smith said...

In some ways I agree and others i disagree ... a smart beautiful woman like my wife or Ivanka Trump sell anything - even refrigerators to eskimos.

Anonymous said...

Arrington is a joke. This guy lies non-stop.