Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Don't Want It "Free".

From The Consumerist:

"... Meet David Free, the man behind QMS, a company that sells and sometimes even ships an aluminum mousepad called the "MacPadd". When the guys at started asking why [their order] hadn't arrived, they discovered that Free does business his own way. Or sometimes not at all:

Free then exclaimed, "Get out of my f***ing life!" And hung up on us. By now it was becoming clear to us that we weren't going to receive the product we paid for.

Tom's Hardware pointed out that Apple owns the trademark for the name "MacPad".

You can view Apple's trademark/copyright policy here.

The whole MACPADD.COM website seems suspiciously "Jack Campbell-esque" in nature.

For instance ... look at this claim from the MACPADD website:

This text is cleaned up considerably for grammar and spacing for easier reading

MacPadd is the cleanest mouse pad you will ever use. Other mouse pads gather DIRT and BACTERIA and cannot be cleaned. This spells trouble in mission critical environments that require highly sanitary conditions.

1.MacPadd can be disinfected with a sanitary wipe.

2.Clean your work station and MacPadd daily.

3.MacPadd does not contribute to the spread of dirt or bacteria.

4.MacPadd will help you keep your hands cleaner longer.

5.MacPadd is ideal for work stations in hospitals or clinics that has multiple users.

6.MacPadd can be put into an autoclave and then ready for use after its cleaning (special non stick surface available)

7.Neoprene mouse pads collect materials that contribute to an unsanitary office environment

MacPadd: Sanitary and Effective

MacPadd’s Sanitary Surface is Ideal for;

• Hospitals
• Research Laboratories
• Dental Offices
• Medical Clinics
• Medical Offices

One Swipe with an antibacterial cloth and its sanitized



I have my own stories about QMS, Inc of Canada:

I can't say for certain, this happened 7 years ago, but I believe this guy (below) worked with QMS, Inc:

From a previous FIXYOURTHINKING blog entry (7 years ago):

I sent $120 to a "Canadian" - no shipment received in 30 days - I filed a Paypal complaint - he typed in a tracking number - that appeased Paypal - I received a brick via FedEx. Yes folks, a brick!

And then, more recently, I sent this cease and desist to QMS, Inc in Canada which was returned to me after two months of attempted deliveries.

I sent this because QMS was copying my auctions for Apple Compatible Ethernet Adapters.

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