Saturday, November 14, 2009

What They Call 3G?

Verizon's coverage of what THEY CALL 3G is in most areas the speed of EDGE or lower. Plus, Verizon's network doesn't allow simultaneous voice and data.

I know for a fact that the Verizon commercial maps are wrong just for my state. I have personally verifiable coverage in a wide area around me - there is no blue whatsoever ANYWHERE close to me on the Verizon commercial maps. Furthermore - by my own experience - I cannot even get Verizon 3G in my area - but Verizon DOES SHOW 3G in my area with their red areas.


Anonymous said...

I'm really curious why you insist on making these patently false statements about Verizon's network. And believe me, I don't want to "defend" Verizon. I think they're sleazy and they are taking advantage of odd circumstances to tout their network -- but they aren't lying. I'm not a fan of AT&T either, but with how Verizon almost scams their own customers for more money each month is appalling.

Take a look at this:

And Engadget's response -- and for what it's worth, even though Engadget seems to be "on Verizon's side" and I generally don't trust much that comes from Apple Insider their analysis of the two networks matches my own knowledge -- the theoretical top-speed of EDGE is slower than the practical speed of Verizon's 3G network.

The thing is though, AT&T isn't even claiming that Verizon's network is slower, or that Verizon is lying about coverage. AT&T's complaint is about the only thing it can be: that Verizon is being misleading. And I think that claim could hold up.

But there is no reason to say that Verizon's service is slower in practical use or that their coverage isn't as good. That argument doesn't hold up for the bulk of customers.

In your area, in South Carolina, AT&T is preferable. I believe you've even elaborated to the investments AT&T makes there first.

But for example, I get faster download speed on my G1 on T-mobile than I've gotten with any version of the iPhone on AT&T. Bandwidth isn't everything, the G1 is pathetically slow, and all the speed of T-mobile's network here doesn't make up for that.

Philip Smith said...

I'm not insisting on making false claims at all.

Just because Engadget and AppleInsider are bigger sites doesn't mean they have better information than I do. An example that I pointed out is that Engadget said the iPhone was going to be delayed. Untrue.

I believe I've explained this pretty thoroughly.

Verizon is using 2008 maps. AT&T's network was MUCH smaller than it currently is in 2008. AT&T's map, by law, cannot include leased towers, AT&T in 2007 HERE was suncom wireless. Unlike ANY other area (Im speaking if GA,SC,NC, and TN= the old bellsouth) At&T had to give up tower space to suncom / suncom last year merged with tmobile.

Furthermore, Verizons map does not show 3G within 75 miles of me. In the past 3-5 weeks I hardly have anywhere I can travel that doesn't have 3G and I travel this area extensively - heavily -a lot - mucho grande. Capiche?

Because AT&T constantly gets bashed in the blogosphere -everyone wants to believe Verizon is right. Because normally respected blogs (although I don't respect them because of their credibility) are publishing information that SEEMS well researched: it's not.

AT&T is in a pickle when trying to defend this. First off, they are having the problem of defending a map that is true - true for 2008 - which, by reason, was their 2009 projected coverage statement to the FCC.

Verizon is in a pickle because they "overprojected" their network. I have customers that have Verizon 3G modems for their Macs - I've tested my 3G modem in their homes. Mine is faster - eventhough it showed EDGE. Their are many many areas where I live and that are claimed as covered on Verizons map that simply do not have service.

I realize that At&t isn't making these claims - it's just that they aren't making them YET!