Friday, November 13, 2009

PPPLE.COM Domain Name For Sale



PPP is a networking term
(see this wikipedia link for more description =

PPPLE = a cool way to spell PEOPLE - an excellent twitter-like catchy domain - perfect for social networking. The term "PEOPLE" spelled in this way could fit ANY business - especially an internet business

PPPLE - I personally have used this domain for four years as a business called "The Apple People" ... You can have that name and idea as well with this domain. It's one letter different from APPLE.COM - one of the most popular domains on the internet! It's pretty cool as an Apple tech to put your name like this:

3 Pattersons 1 Levin - a law firm or a company started by 4 or five people? Could stand for initials?

A Pie maker - have a logo with three pies then the LE

Available 5 LETTER DOMAINS that are reasonably priced AND that make sense are RARE! Just try thinking of any four or five letter word - it's taken. If it is up for sale it's VERY, VERY expensive.

Not only am I giving you the domain, but I'd be happy to give you some more ideas! Maybe this domain can spark some ideas for your new business.

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