Sunday, November 08, 2009

A followup to the "There's A Map For That" Fiasco.

I've found two reasons Verizon's map is different:

1) Because of the breakup of AT&T (landline) and then recombination / merger of AT&T (landline AND wireless) many towers across the country went from AT&T ownership to third party lease. All three companies that merged gave up tower leases to meet regulatory approval. Verizon's map does not include any third party lease towers.

AT&T was formed by partial mergers of Bellsouth, SBC, Cingular (a Bellsouth subsidary), and portions of the AT&T wireless network and the AT&T landline and Networking divisions.

2) In certain areas, such as my own, AT&T wireless operated under third party companies or MVNO's (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) such as Suncom Wireless. Suncom was purchased by T-Mobile in 2008. In MOST places in the country TMobile is on a separate band for the 3G wireless coverage - but in the south - they operate on the same band. AT&T & T-Mobile actually share a sort of data roaming agreement. Certain towers in my area (and I'm sure others) are "special towers" used to dole out signal (voice and data) to T-Mobile (former Suncom Wireless customers) and to AT&T (former Cingular customers).

Neither of these facts are taken into account with Verizon's "there's a map for that" maps.

Combined with the fact that Verizon used older 2008 maps where they DID have more coverage - this is the reason there's such a huge discrepancy.

Verizon is trying to "trick" all those iPhone customers that have complained about AT&T's poor signal. While I have had my share of problems with AT&T and had my share of signal issues - it HAS gotten better over the last year. Better than Verizon would have you believe.


Anonymous said...

THIS is what AT&T should have pointed out in their PR statements and/or lawsuit. Not the EDGE stuff.

Philip Smith said...

I asked "a connection" of mine in the AT&T legal department. I was told, "[YOUR] information is part of our motion and will come out in discovery. It is proprietary information with complicated explanations. Such information cannot be shared in public statements, but will be part of AT&T's evidence that Verizon's commercials are falsely representing their coverage versus ours and has materially damaged our image."

I will add this:

Verizon's coverage of what THEY CALL 3G is in most areas the speed of EDGE or lower. Plus, Verizon's network doesn't allow simultaneous voice and data.

I know for a fact that the Verizon commercial maps are wrong just for my state. I have personally verifiable coverage in a wide area around me - there is no blue whatsoever ANYWHERE close to me on the Verizon commercial maps. Furthermore - by my own experience - I cannot even get Verizon 3G in my area - but Verizon DOES SHOW 3G in my area with their red areas.