Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Droid Doesn't

A link to a post at Daring Fireball:

The Droid Battery Cover Problem
Funny, I’ve never heard of any problems with the iPhone battery cover falling off.

Gruber's comment struck me as a good jab - but what's even funnier is the comments to this article.

People are posting little “hacks and tips” like:

"use double sided tape"

"ask Motorola/Verizon to send you a new battery cover"

or my favorite

"press just in the center of the phone and slide up"

Can you imagine that over at the Apple forums? “Here's a tip; place a small dab of mighty putty on the back of your iPhone to [insert your iPhone problem here]”. It would be front page CNN News!

I suspect a lot of people complaining about the apparent “problems” with the iPhone (like no multitasking, no swappable battery,no physical keyboard, etc.) have simply never used one. My wife thought it was awkward at first, now she loves it.

Most critics of the iPhone have complained ad nauseam about multi-tasking not being available for 3rd party apps. Apple designed the iPhone OS to launch apps quickly and save the "state of quit+ - this provides nearly identical functionality to actual multi-tasking with none of the downside (i.e., system slowdowns, resource hogging, and rapidly draining battery power from apps accidentally left running.) I have experienced that first hand with a jailbroken iPhone - which can run apps in the background.


I am a lover of children's literature said...

Good points, I saw a Droid next to an iPhone, and even though it had a larger screen, the iPhone had the better one!

There is definitely a smear campaign going on, and just not against the iPhone, but just about anything and everything Apple.

At least that's the impression I'm getting.

Philip Smith said...

I agree and methinks it's Verizon. Just a statement, there's no vision or special knowledge here, Verizon has lost the iPhone until 2012. I would bet that Verizon already knows this - hence the commercials specifically showing the iPhone as bad.

Anonymous said...

I used an iPhone for almost a year before selling it and getting a G1. For some people (namely me) the short-comings are real and make the iPhone less than ideal. No keyboard, no multitasking and a non-replaceable battery were all real hindrances for me.

Philip Smith said...

You are in a very very small minority. None of your "musts" are needs to even the people that can use those features. A non replaceable battery is a non issue in every way with spare charge accessories. Multitasking drags the system down. I played with a G1 and thought it felt cheap (same as Pre IMHO)

The keyboard, after getting used to - well I've found most people have a hard time going back.

Anonymous said...

It's not as crazy as it may sound. I needed to stay connected to multiple IM networks.

The battery was an issue because on the iPhone there is no IM client, so I had to keep Safari open to Meebo. Turning off the screen signs you out. Keeping the screen on to stay signed in is a huge drain on the battery. No multitasking is also a problem, because when a call came in, Safari would close and... sign me out.

And the keyboard is a problem because with the keyboard displayed you can't scroll around to see what you might need to type.

My point was that not everyone who has these issues with the iPhone is imagining them based on never having used an iPhone. Although you seem to be imagining build-quality issues with a phone you've only "played with."

Philip Smith said...

Neither of your multitasking issues are issues ... The iPhone has push and jailbreaking wouldsve the other multitask issues.

It seems like your making excuses not to have an iPhone for the sake of some kind fanboy hatred or thinking a game if devils advocate on this site would be fun.

The iPhone isn't for everyone but everyone I know that's had it more than a week thinks it's magic.

Anonymous said...

Push notification works now? I wasn't aware of that. Since I used an iPhone for nearly a year then switched to the G1 it might have occurred to you that I did this long before Apple even announced push notification, let alone implemented it.

Jailbreaking didn't solve the IM problem. I don't think even now there is a jailbreak IM client that runs in the background.

I think however you missed my entire point... there are thousands of people who scream ad nauseum about these issues who have never even picked up an iPhone, that we can agree on. There are also a few people who actually have had these issues with the iPhone and chose something else.

Please don't assume I have an agenda, or meant something other than what I said.