Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Droid Doesn't

A link to a post at Daring Fireball:

The Droid Battery Cover Problem
Funny, I’ve never heard of any problems with the iPhone battery cover falling off.

Gruber's comment struck me as a good jab - but what's even funnier is the comments to this article.

People are posting little “hacks and tips” like:

"use double sided tape"

"ask Motorola/Verizon to send you a new battery cover"

or my favorite

"press just in the center of the phone and slide up"

Can you imagine that over at the Apple forums? “Here's a tip; place a small dab of mighty putty on the back of your iPhone to [insert your iPhone problem here]”. It would be front page CNN News!

I suspect a lot of people complaining about the apparent “problems” with the iPhone (like no multitasking, no swappable battery,no physical keyboard, etc.) have simply never used one. My wife thought it was awkward at first, now she loves it.

Most critics of the iPhone have complained ad nauseam about multi-tasking not being available for 3rd party apps. Apple designed the iPhone OS to launch apps quickly and save the "state of quit+ - this provides nearly identical functionality to actual multi-tasking with none of the downside (i.e., system slowdowns, resource hogging, and rapidly draining battery power from apps accidentally left running.) I have experienced that first hand with a jailbroken iPhone - which can run apps in the background.

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