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An Almost Fair Review Of The iPhone VS The Droid That Almost Picks The Droid As The Winner

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Here's a review from MobileCrunch that compares the new Motorola Droid to the iPhone 3Gs:

Smartphone Showdown: iPhone 3GS vs Motorola Droid

In it, Greg Kumparak concludes:

"Would I recommend it over the iPhone? Two thousand plus words later, you might be a bit sad to read: Nope. But I wouldn’t recommend the iPhone over the Droid, either – and that’s the Droid’s real win here. This is the very first phone in over two years that I would consider carrying for day-to-day use instead of my iPhone, but that doesn’t mean I would recommend it whole heartedly to everyone."

This article, while very good and very fair in it's comparison - stumbles commonly with other "iPhone VS ..." reviews and articles ...

1) The iPhone is gorgeous physically - the droid looks like a piece of junk even though it actually isn't - it looks like the cobbled together 'droids that it takes its Star Wars namesake from - it looks physically like the hard choice you'd have to make between R2D2 and the more functional (but flawed) R5 with a squared off head.

2) And most importantly ...

One thing all reviewers forget about the iPhone ... It is an iPod ... Not only is this awesome because iTunes is awesome ... it is awesome because accessories aren't just everywhere - they have become a standard! iPod docks, cables, covers - yes all three- are available at places like 7/11 and even DollarTree for $1.00 + tax. I'll repeat -cases, covers, cables, chargers, small docks, custom headphones, etc (decent quality too - even Griffin, Speck, DLO, and Belkin overstocks / buyouts) are at 500+ Dollar Tree locations for $1.00 + tax. Win, win, win, win for the iPhone.

I'm the kind of person that needs this ... I know a lot of people with iPhones (and other phones for that matter) that constantly need accessories, or desire to try and use new ones, or new implementations of them, or try new designs for utilitarian or fashion reasons.

Mall kiosks and flea market vendors that sell cases, chargers, and accessories are nearly 25% iPhone now, but they represent probably 1% of their total "number of cellphones represented to accessorize".


Some other notes since the writing of this post that are worth mentioning:

From Roughly Drafted:

Do any of you realize Verizon's network can't handle voice and data at the same time? So if you get a call while you are using your free Google Nav your maps are dead until the call ends and your email is not being sent if you were sending an email when the call came in...

"Apple has long associated with the iPhone: the ability to talk on the phone while browsing the web to search for seafood restaurants in the Marina, or the capacity to effortlessly add, hold or drop multiple parties in the same conference call. CDMA phones from Verizon can’t [do] either of those things; data services like the web are dead when you’re on a CDMA voice conversation."

- Daniel Eran Dilger,
RoughlyDrafted Magazine

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