Friday, September 18, 2009

Together Dating: Let Us Choose You

I've recently had a flurry of activity on my Together Dating article:

Problems With Together Dating: Together: Let Us Introduce You, Seduce You, Bruise You, Refuse You

It's a good read ... especially now that I've finally combined the whole story.

A few notes:

• Remember ... there's NO SUCH THING as a no cancellation policy if the goods or services were never delivered as contracted.

• There have been MANY class actions against Together Dating and they have NEVER WON any of them.

• One of the best things you can do to help others with their problems (and possibly help yourself) is report your local Together to the BBB.

• I have been contacted by multiple attorneys in the 1.5 years since this has been posted ... This is just my thoughts, but I have a feeling Together is about to be investigated by the FTC for deceptive practices.

• Know that Together finds people and chooses people to be involved (they recruit them) ... usually from other low cost dating websites. You will usually do about the same if you pay $15-$30 a month for Yahoo Personals or MATCH.COM. Together actually uses these services to increase their "pool" so to speak.

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