Wednesday, September 02, 2009

eBay Sells Skype For Loss/Strategy Of Shareholders The Same

In yet another eBay management blunder:

GigaOm's Om Malik:

Om Malik on the news that eBay is selling Skype for a loss:

... eBay paid billions for Skype but didn’t get the crown jewels, a.k.a. the technology. I reported this oversight back in 2005. How then-CEO Meg Whitman signed off on the deal, I still can’t understand. I mean, even a lemonade stand owner who can’t tie his shoelaces wouldn’t overlook something as simple as that. And what about the eBay executives who were shepherding that deal?

Meg Whitman abandoned eBay just as things were about to get bad ... really bad.

eBay, as a friendly online yard sale, is long gone. It's turned into a place where sellers from Hong Kong can fence things through customs without paying duties and a place where hoardes of buyers armed with ruining your business without recourse or complication congregate.

It's obvious that eBay has been making bad decisions for 5+ years. This is one of many things to come.

See where eBay bought and sold another unrelated to its core business called "StumbleUpon" here:

I stay on ebay in limited capacity because it's easy for me to advertise and link to and gives the apprearance of a reputation that I cannot show to the world in any other economical way.

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