Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Brief Hands On With The Palm Pre

I was a little early to a lunch meeting yesterday...

Lunch was at a place called Sushi Hana in Greenville SC (excellent by the way)

It's right next to a Sprint store so I thought I'd try to go hit fixyourthinking to see how it came up on the Pre.

First, the physical keyboard was very difficult to use ... I dunno ... Maybe I'm used to the iPhone touch keyboard now.

Second, in full page view ... FIXYOURTHINKING was very pixelated.

Third ... Many of the features and symbiology for "actions" are not intuitive ... I had to think for a few seconds.

The sales guy warned me that one of the units was in a weird Demo mode that would revert every 5 minutes to "setup mode".

Lastly, the Pre crashed several times.

I brought my best friend in after our meal to take a look at it.

He had a similar impression. He uses the Verizon Blackberry Storm.

We both quipped this about Palm and Sprint:

"If this is their joint cellphone saviour, and this is the best they can do, with no Palm reps in EVERY SPRINT STORE ... then I see Palm (and Sprint) outta business within 2 years.


I am a lover of children's literature said...

What bothers me the most is how they shamelessly ripped off Apple in producing the Pre. It's an act of desperation and personally, considering the sneaky tactics they used in poaching Apple engineers, and, of course, Apple's multi-touch patents, I hope they do go out of business - they deserve to!

I wouldn't want to buy, no matter how nice it was, anything from such an unscrupulous company!

FYT said...

The rub is that Apple did it right ... the first time for the first time ... The iPhone is exactly what a phone should be. It is the future if communication devices.

Palm or any company would have to copy the iPhone because it is the best implementation of a phone EVER.

Tom said...

The problem is there are so many users starved for an iPhone that won't (or can't) use AT&T that they'll latch onto anything "just as good". How else to explain all the Verizon folks who bought the Storm?

These people are the Windows users of the late 80s and early 90s, believing since their PC had windows icons and menus it was just as good as a Mac. The iPhone is much more than just a touch screen, but some people don't get that

Paul Douglas said...

What gets me is that the Pre is so obviously conceptually flawed, it's embarrassing. Everyone is fawning over it, but it's full of absolutely fundamental, irreparable design flaws:

1) it is ugly as sin. Curved edge pseudo-rectangles do not look good in black, and Palm has made an ESPECIALLY ugly example - that silver Home button for example clashes hideously.

2) It has a clunky fold-out keyboard (1999 called, they want their design back)

3) It has not just a clunky fold out keyboard, but one which folds out vertically. That is absolutely the dumbest decision made with the device. Only horizontal foldout keyboards are justified on smartphones.

4) It's emphasis on multi-tasking misses the point of mobile computing. Screens are too small for windowing, making true multitasking pointless to the point of insanity, at least until power usage can be brought down to more reasonable levels.

5) Widgets are not Apps. When Apple claimed Web Apps would do fine for iPhone (Note: they were just lying to give themselves time) they were laughed at. Why is Palm getting a free ride for it?

6) It cannot sell in the biggest and most mature mobile markets on earth (Europe, China and Japan) without being rebuilt.

And it goes on.

FYT said...

Not only that Paul ...

But it rounds the corners of every page rendered ...

I'm going to expand on why that's weird soon.