Friday, June 26, 2009

Supposed iPhone 3Gs Prototype on eBay

Here's a link to the auction: iPhone 3Gs "prototype" on eBay

... But because this auction will most likely be ended by eBay (and Apple):

Hello to EveryOne!


I Got this phone couple weeks ago and was trying to figure out what is it through the Apple Store and through Apple Product Specialists. Nobody never gave me any info on it - they told me it's an Apple Ptoduct, but they don't service it, cause it have never been sold. Before the 3G S came out last Friday, iTunes was giving me error "iPhone can not be restored, because software for this iPhone is not available yet". I tried to restore it on Friday and it took 3G S Firmware with the error after unpacking it "This device is not eligible for the requested build". All I can see on the screen is the Apple Logo after I start it up and Conncect to iTunes Cable. Last time I was at the Apple store the Genius Guy told me that this is defenitely iPhone 3G S, He matched the Serial Number on the SIM Tray with the Serial Number on the LogicBoard - they are the same, but He told me, nothing he can do about it, because He was unable to locate the number in Apple's Database.

So here it is for YOU! Not too easy to find such product, so it might be a Treasure for You. Listing is for the phone ONLY! Excellent overall condition!

Please SEE More Pictures of the actual phone below!

I do ship WorldWide!!!

Feel free to contact me anytime if You have any questions or Offers!

The doofus who listed this included a picture of the serial number ... so if it is a prototype ... it'll be tracked and someone will be charged for breaking a non disclosure agreement.

Here's a few of the pictures included in the auction:


I am a lover of children's literature said...

I wouldn't go near that thing like I wouldn't go near someone with the worst case of Swine Flu or Ebola!

Like someone would just give him, out of the blue, one of those things. He apparently thinks were all as dumb as he is!

FYT said...

Yeah ... I agree ... Kinda

He has a very good seller rating and apparently he "acquires" a lot of iPhones somehow ... He sells unlocked iPhones mostly.

It still seems sketchy

maureen said...

re: iPhones
I think the 'doofus' is a thief who has found a really great 'fence' for his stolen goodies in the form of eBay. It's like those ads for 'sell your gold'. If you try to pawn it, pawn shops get a copy of your id, now you can send off your 'unused' gold for cash...its amazing to me that no one sees things the way I do..LOL

FYT said...

I agree Maureen ...

eBay is the new fence.

I did an article about that topic about a year ago.

It seems implausible that the guy took it into an Apple store ... Apple employees are suppose to notify the manager if something like that happens.

Furthermore, the person asking for service would gave to give his name and phone number to "check in" - the whole story us made up to fence an actual prototype that I believe was stolen or obtained from someone who wasn't suppose to sell it.