Monday, June 01, 2009

Palm To Sprint: I'm Just Not That Into You

Tom Reetsman from The Apple Blog:

Sprint has been known to be the exclusive carrier of the Pre. In fact, one of the big complaints about the Pre — right up to Walt Mossberg’s article today — was its exclusivity to a carrier, losing customers in droves. Apparently, this criticism was too much for Palm to bear, and it shattered it today. The Pre is still exclusive to Sprint at launch, but only for six months.

Initially, Palm’s stock rose on the news, as did Verizon’s. Sprint? Well, not so much. That’s settled down a bit as of this writing, but the overall damage to Sprint is clear.

Well ... launch of the Pre will be a critical success at best - only "must have the latest gadget people" are going to buy them. I think most Verizon customers will just wait - if any are anticipating it.

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Palm To Sprint: I'm Just Not That Into You


I am a lover of children's literature said...

I hope Apple sues Palm and it's Pre out of the market. It's unreal how Palm can thinks it can poach Apple's employees, ideas and patents and then expect to get a way with it. I hope the Pre fails in the market or that it Palm fails in the court if Apple goes the legal route.

Paul Douglas said...

e address the fact that the Pre is every bit the clunk hardware Apple has already beaten with the sleeker, better thought-out iPhone hardware? WebOS is a good pseudo-OS apparently, but it's a Pseudo-OS, iPhone has a desktop-class OS and it's a better unit. The Pre is a waste of time. And the name is awful - rule number one of marketing: Do not sue a name people can't come to a consensus on pronouncing (It is more aurally pleasing to call it the Palm "Pray", but it is officially the "Pree". Not only is Pre(e) a dumb name, it sounds stupid and I have heard many people call it the "Pray" because they can't understand why it would be called "Pree".