Thursday, June 04, 2009

Palm Creating Artificial Demand For Pre

Found on Engadget:

This is a sample picture (There's 31 images like this) - showing inventory of all the Pre stock at Best Buy locations for Saturday's launch.

Best Buy is expected to be right behind official Sprint stores in sales of the Pre - by the looks of this inventory manifest - it appears as if only a few thousand are going to be available - compare that to Apple's several hundred thousand available on both launches of the iPhone 1.0 and iPhone 3G.

Palm is sure to have an artificial press release - saying "SELL OUT!"

With positive but definitely not glowing reviews coming in from Walt Mossberg and other gadget review heavyweights combined with a seemingly imminent lawsuit with Apple - I really don't think Palm will see the saviour they were hoping for out of the Pre. The Pre is an "all in bet" for them and they seem to have the shiftiest eyes at this point.


I am a lover of children's literature said...

When a company has no shame in poaching another company's employees, ideas, patents and even Apple's iTune syncing software, is it any surprise that they would have no shame in creating a false and misleading stunt like this?

I expected it from the get go!

FYT said...

Ditto, Don.

FYT said...

Here's what I just posted on a post over at The Apple Blog on one of Tom's posts (which has an excellent history exposition):

Tom I believe you’ll find that Rubenstein MAY have broken a non compete clause – this is MOST of the reason there was that 18 month lag in major employment. The Pre was in development before he got there – that’s my hunch. I suspect he is more devious than he would have us believe and possibly was consulting with Palm while still at Apple or just left.

I think it will be argued that Rubenstein may have been plotting with Palm for a long time – and it is my speculation that this is payback.

I think he was somewhat “force resigned” from Apple over the AIM (Apple/IBM/Moto) partnership and PowerPC fiasco. I think somehow we’re going to find out that the infamous “PowerPC’s are better speech” that he delivered on stage in 2004 was a way to show all of us what a truly intelligent geek but doofus he is. It seems very contrived on both his part and Jobs. Jobs wanted to get rid of him for making the G5 happen and continue. Rubenstein wanted to get back at Jobs for abandoning it.

Rubenstein is still stuck on the PowerPC/RISC platform – it’s one of the main reasons he’s at Palm – to develop for the ARM and harness/salvage his knowledge of the RISC platform.