Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movie Reviews: Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen

I want to title this review:

Transformers 2: It Didn't Transform My Life But It Is What It Is

I loved the Transformers as a child ... I had Shockwave and Soundwave (with all of his cassettes Berzerk (a robitic eagle) Ravage (a robotic dog) and Rumble (a little Transformer robot man).

I still love the Transformers and I enjoyed getting to see this with my son on premiere day.

I think it's worth noting right off the bat ... there were a lot of 4 letter words in this movie. This is being promoted in kids meals at Burger King, Toys in the toy departments, and on Cartoon Network during "kiddie viewing times". This movie is being pitched at children with adult fathers that liked the cartoon as a kid. It's not a grown up version of the Transformers - its an awfully scripted movie with amazing special effects and a decent plot.

Secondly, there is a lot of overt sexual innuendo that children understand. My six year old understood that one of the girls in the movie was acting like a slut and asked why they "showed her booty".

The violence is pretty intense in this movie and a lot of people die. It's kind of tear jerking to see Optimus Prime killed as well*.

* Don't worry, that's not as big a spolier as you think.

Aside from that - there was nothing about this movie (other than the human actors) that didn't look real. The Transformer, Devastator - which is a number of construction vehicles that combine into one giant robot - may be the greatest, most complex special effect ever created for the big screen. This effect alone is amazing to see from an artistic point of view as well as a fantasy perspective. It was a unique take on the cartoon version.

I'll give you my son's worst and favorite scenes:

BEST: The scene with Devastator (funny, I thought the same)

WORST: A scene where a teenage college student hiked up her dress and jumped on another teenage college student and kissed him with her tongue. (funny, I thought the same ... there's a bit more to this scene that I'm not telling so as not to give out any spoilers)

These movies - moreso this second installment - definitely follow the plot lines of the old cartoon series - always looking for energy. Plot wise - there aren't many twists but there are some unique story elements - such as Transformers switching from Decepticon to Autobot - like a Democrat to Republican. This movie has it's share of unnecessary elements and completely out of place elements as well - like a Terminator like female/human robot.

On a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the best - I'd give this a solid 7. It's worth seeing in the theater due to the complex action and special effects - some of which may be lost on even the biggest of televisions.

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