Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stunning "Finger Painting" Done On iPhone Appears On The Cover Of The New Yorker

Link to story @ The New Yorker Magazine Discussing The Process Of Designing/Painting This Picture.

This is a stunning street scene painted by Jorge Colombo using an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch called "Brushes".

Colombo of his new found love for iPhone Fingerpainting:

“Before, unless I had a flashlight or a miner’s hat, I could not draw in the dark.” (When the sun is up, it’s a bit harder, “because of the glare on the phone,” he says.) It also allows him to draw without being noticed; most pedestrians assume he’s checking his e-mail.

Check out the link to see an animation of each step in the "painting process".

Yet another amazing use of the iPhone. I personally thought this had to be a photo that merely had brush strokes applied or some "paint brush filter" ... but it is actually meticulously drawn, shaded, and colored stroke by stroke.

* via Daring Fireball

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