Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Need For A Scanner Or CB Radio With An iPhone

One device I've been kinda hoping to find cheap at the flea market is a "Police Scanner/CB" - The Unofficial Apple Weblog did a story yesterday that I was very interested in ... giving yet another awesome money saving consolidation that the iPhone provides.

The first out of the box is Police Scanner 1.1 (US$2.99, click opens iTunes) from Juicy Development. This app now features over 1,100 streams from 7 different countries and a streamlined interface for getting to your favorite local emergency radio, The developers will add any compatible stream to their app within hours of being notified of that stream, so if there are no local radios listed now, there may be soon.

Next in the queue is Emergency Radio 1.1 (US$0.99, click opens iTunes) from Edge Rift. It's available in a free "Lite" version if you want to try it out on a handful of major cities, or you can spend a buck to get over 900 feeds from all over the US. I personally thought the code lists (see photo) are a nice touch.

Check out their full review here: Calling all iPhones! Emergency scanner apps on the loose!

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